Top 10 Adsense Earners

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If you are a blogger or if you own a website, you must thinking about how to earn using your blog or website. So as we know adsense is one of the best ways to earn a lot of revenues using your own blog or website. But those who already are an adsense publisher, he or she must have a common question, 

How much I can earn via adsense?” If you have just started your blog or website with adsense, you must know how hard it is to make good revenues from Google adsesne. But if you are a hard working and dedicated person to your blog or website without any doubt you are going to make a good amount of revenue from adsense. People who already successful with adsense thye all are making millions per month. Now they are just like adsense celebrity to us. We get inspired by contemplating their success. Here I am going to introduce top 10 adsense earners:

1. Mashable  Mashable is the top earner of adsense. The website was founded by Pete CashMore. Its monthly adsense earning is around $6, 00,000. Its monthly page view is about 25 million.

2. Weblogs The second top earner is “Weblogs, Inc. They own total of 90 blogs. Their monthly page view is about 25 million. And adsense revenue is $190,000 Per Month. The website was founded by Brian Alvey and Jason Calacanis in 2003.

3. Digital Point Digital point is one of the most popular forums in the internet. This forums monthly revenue from adsense is $5,00,000 / month.


4 . Techcrunch’s monthly adsense revenue is about $2,40,000.


5. Digg .com- Digg is another social networking site in the web. Where people share and read news and other information. Its monthly adsense revenue is about $250,000.00 per month.


6. Perez Hilton- Perez Hilton’s founder Mario Lavandeira is just like a celebrity to us it’s only because he becomes the top adsense earner by blogging. He writes about all kind of hot celebrity news. He earn around $2,00,000 per month  by only publishing adds.


7. Shoe Money- Shoe Money become very popular by providing us how to earn from internet. The founder of Shoe Money Jeremy Shoemaker earns about US$140,000 per month.


8. Tweet meme earn about $2,25,000 per Month and they have about 385,000 unique visitors per month.


9 . Plenty Of Fish- Plenty of Fish is now one of the dsense revenue earners. After Canadian internet entrepreneur Markus Frind and his girlfriend estabilished the website they are now making around US$300,000.00 per month.


10. ClickIndia earn $85,000 per month. They have around 5.5 million unique users a month.


So, right now, what are you thinking when you will reach that stage? I have the answer just fix your target and run after it till you get your goal. As well as come out as a celebrity.

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