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Now old-fashioned ways are old, those methods or strategies can’t make you success in What you want. So you need to think beyond those old goodies and strategies. Think different and you’ll have a nice one. There are two things bloggers always like to use, SEO – Search Engine Optimization and Social Media/Networking/Bookmarking. For now let me keep SEO aside. Let’s talk about Social Media a little.
From the very beginning of the Internet Marketing Social Media and other things were started. Then the Bloggers also started to use those Social Media sites and started to optimize those sources to get them sales and traffic. At that time there weren’t high competition for those bloggers and Social Media users also bought their products and visited their blogs.

Today, there are so many bloggers to teach the same thing as others. High competition for the same thing. They are using social media to attract visitors anyhow. Now social media users’ mind is changed and they know what’s going in. So you can’t trick them using old goodies. More specially you can’t grab them doing the same thing as others. That’s where the word ‘UNIQUE’ comes to the game. You need be different, Think different, see different and all the things need to be different and feel different. There’s no value to anything if it does not change. So there’s no point at all if you do the same thing as others. Success comes by thinking differently. Old goodies can’t make you succeed. Create your own strategies. Bloggers always very likely to use Social Media sites. But do all of them get what they want? Nope. Only a few amount achieve their wants, their goals. Using the social media in the old-fashioned way is a one cause for this.

How Bloggers use Social Media

There many people who write something on their blogs. Most of them using Social Media in the same way. Creating a FaceBook fan page and share your posts automatically using some tool is not getting traffic. People don’t like to deal with robots. You need to be active on them. Some bloggers write posts and share all of them in their wall, Group walls and friends wall and every where there’s a wall. But it does not give them high traffic. Do something different then you can have something better from Social Media sites.

Blogging style Followed by Failing Bloggers

When you sing a song, you have your own style. You’re singing the song using that style. But what if that style sounds bad? Your song is finished. Same point goes on beginner blogging style. Most of the beginner ones start their blogs same as others. But they are following a very bad style. It’s worse!. They are like robots made by blogging gurus. They learned blogging from those gurus and going to apply those. But it might not give results for them. Most strategies are now getting old. You can’t get results today like yesterday that guru got. So change that old one little by little and optimize it for today strategy. Those bloggers follow this worse method and break their hopes on blogging. They start their blogs suddenly, after that they are writing some posts by watching what other bloggers are written. Sometimes they are reading one post from a well-known blogger and write the same thing without adding more to it. As I said bloggers love to use Social media sites. So these bloggers also use social media with the hope of getting traffic to their blogs. But do they get it? No, they only get 10-15 visits from those social media sites. That’s the bitter truth about beginner blogging life. Then they are raving why I don’t get good number of visitors? But do they understood what they did? I think most of them don’t understand it. Because they are powered by the myths. Once they get rid of it they are going to understand it. Beginner blogging world is a full of myths. They have various kinds of myths. Those are beside the topic of this post. But why they failed? Is it only the myths they believe? Yeah, I think.

Why they failed?

Most people got failed in the first attempt of something. Only a few managed to become success. So every failed time is adding experience to your career. But failing by the myths is the worse thing here.
Bloggers going to fail, when they don’t do their tasks in the right way. Suppose you have an exam, then you don’t study hard. How can you pass that exam? You didn’t study your subject matter deeply. So how can you? That’s why students failed in their exams.

If you’re into blogging, then you must be familiar with blogging and learn about blogging. You can’t swim without knowing how to do it. And You can’t make a successful blog without getting know about the core formula. You need to learn about it, you need to grab as much as knowledge about it. You need to throw your myths out of you. Then you can ride to the Successful blogger from beginner blogger. Simply you need to know what you’re going to do. You wake up in the morning and sit in front of your computer. Then you’re going to write a post. But what are you going to write? That’s the case. You sat by the practice of everyday route. You didn’t select what you’re going to write about. So you need to plan and think about your blog as a very IMPORTANT thing. When you care about it like that, You’re going to work hard for it. As I said earlier without knowing the core formula you can’t build it. Familiar with it then you’ll meet it.

Then What’s the catch

In order to become a successful blogger you need to care about what you know and what you do. You know every blogger should use SEO and Social Media. But the blogging life is not about them. It’s about writing. Those two are only helpers to your writing. Remember you can’t put every hope on those two – Social Media, SEO. Then what are the things you need think?. You need to think simply this formula. It’s the formula for creating a successful blog.

The Core Formula
See above image. As I said you this is the formula and I break it a little for easy grabbing. The Formula is
  1. Foundation.
  2. Content.
  3. Promotion.
You can see how I broke those 3 parts into few parts.

The Foundation

I broke this Foundation into 3 pieces. They are Knowledge, Writing Skills and Blog Design. You need to fulfill these 3 requirements before jump to Blogging world. If not you’ll fail at the start-up. Knowledge – When you start your blog, you choose a niche. Choosing the niche to start blogging gets a big attention. Because if you choose something you don’t know, then you can’t be with that blog anymore. So you need to be master in your niche. If not you need to learn about your niche and get as much as information about it.

Writing Skills – Everyone can’t write fabulous way(me too). So you need to master at a style of writing which people love to read. There are more posts on Content Writing in out there. Just read all of them and get their style of writing. You need to make people interest in your content. If they feel bored, they might find someone’s content. Try to become Headline Writing Master. After the blog design Visitor get into headlines of your articles

Blog Design – Great point to think again and again. Because design of your blog does the first role when visitor come to your blog. So if it’s not a eye-catching visitor may go away. You need to put every useful thing to it in a manner of neat. use smart graphics for it. Most bloggers don’t use graphics much. After you fulfill these 3 requirements then you’re ready to GO.  Next one is Content.

The Content

This is the King of your blog. Everyone defines Content as King. So you also. People care about the King very much and King care about the people very much. So this time King is your Content and People are your readers. So what you think? You need to think about reader when writing your content. In order to do that You need to fulfill that Writing Skill which included in Foundation part. There are so many different kind of Content types. But when look in common corner, It must give some invaluable information to the reader. The content types are:

Killer Posts, Tutorials

These are posts which are very long. That very long comes from writing information rich points not by writing some story or something else. You need to aim for writing one point in different views and different corners. Or you can write more points in that way. Usually this kind of post gets over 1500 words. Anyway aim of these kind of posts is describe every simple point every complex point and offer highly valuable content.


There various ways people use to get information. one cause of that variation is using videos to grab information. Some people don’t interest in reading something. So they can use your videos. Create How-To videos, Tutorial Videos, Presentation Videos and upload them to YouTube and other video sites and see the results.


You know and everyone knows Images get more traffic from search engines. If you make some complex points into an attractive Image like the one I made above, You can give very high value for your Images too. Then people can share those easily. They can remember those points easily.


You can create presentations to describe something nicely. It’s like a post write on your blog, but nice way to teach something.  Create those and share in sites like SlideShare.

EBooks, Reports

You can write monthly traffic reports or some other very important thing as an EBook or Report. People like to read these too. Do various things using all these content types, then you’ll have a great time.

The Promotion

This one needs to do in a clean way. I broke this part into 3 parts but actually It consist 3 parts. Because Link Building belongs to Off-Site under SEO. Link Building consist of using Social Media and every other link sharing methods. Other than SEO you can do Advertising, but it doesn’t want If you don’t want quick boost. Using Free ways means some time spending not Instantly.

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