How To Make Your Blog Professional

Nowadays there are so many people using Internet. Most of them using for their entertainment. So people get to know about blogging and start it as a fashion. And the story of some people differ from this. Those people first get to know about Making Money Online. Then they search for it and get to know more about it. They start some blogs and try to Make Money Online. And Do they Make Money Online? No not all of them or sometimes No one!. Because of why? They don’t concentrate about what they are doing? They didn’t familiar with it. Professional means not that thing, Professional means not making money online, Professional means not crappy things anymore.

Professional blog means a blog which consist REAL, valuable information that is packed in a clean and clearer way. That’s what I called a professional blog. Beginner bloggers don’t concern about this thing. But the readers of that blogs will concern this. So every beginner blogger also must care about how professional they are.

Typing Errors

When reading small blogs which are running on blogger platform, I can see this fact numerous times per article. Why they aren’t care about these things. They think writing posts any how will take them high in the game. But that’s not. Blogging isn’t an easy thing. One mistake will lead to lose number of things you grabbed.

I always like to read posts which are wrote in a good and clearer manner without typing errors. I think every reader of a blog post prefers the same way as I do. So beginner bloggers must care about this.
  • They don’t start their posts titles with Capitals.
  • They don’t care about spellings and grammar.
As an example think about these two titles below.

1. why don’t you make your blog professional beginner guide.

2. Why Don’t You Make Your Blog Professional Beginner Guide.

Now tell me which one is better? 1st one or 2nd one? Which one easily caught by your eyes? Which one is looking good? Answer is the same for all these questions. It’s number #2. So you need to care about this point.

When you read a post if there are spelling errors you might not like to read it. It’s not making any comfortable to you. Sometimes you may not understand it. So you need to care about when writing your posts. Make sure you are using Capital and Simple letters to suitable places. After finishing your post Proof-Read it 3 times but not at the same time. You’ll definitely find some errors or irrelevant phrases when you Proof-Read it in various times. Because you’re not in the same mind for long time.

Filling Everywhere Is Not Professional

Most beginner bloggers do this bad thing also. They tends to fill almost every free space on their blog with something. Some bloggers use various kinds of widgets to fill those free places while some are using ad blocks to fill it. But those things lead your blog to down over and over.

Because when you use tons of widgets in your blog, It’s not clean and clear. More specially you blog will take much time to load. If the loading speed of your blog is very low, then you’re going to fail. So keep it in mind. And when you use ad blocks to fill those spaces, then you’re in the mind of earning more money anyhow. But did you earn more money by doing it? No.. You need to keep the blog neat. That means don’t add unnecessary widgets. Add only very useful ones.

I think adding these widgets into your sidebar will enough to run the game.
  • Popular Posts.
  • Categories.
  • Recent Posts.
  • RSS Subscription.
  • 1 Adblock.
  • Social Media Connections.
You need to make your blog neat. So filling everywhere is not going to do it and it means not Professional. Use only really useful widgets as possible as.

Not Writing What You Know

When you start your blog on a particular niche that means you are well familiar with that niche. If not you need to read more about your niche, Think more about your niche. You need knowledge to write posts in your niche. So without it how you write posts continuously? So getting much knowledge is also a definite point for beginner bloggers.

You need to be a professor in your niche. Then you’re going to become a Professional blogger with one point.

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