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Even though Ihave written few tips on traffic building, most of the people are still strugglingto get descent traffic from search engines. That is because my earlier postsare not purely base on search engine related traffic. Why they get less trafficfrom search engines? There are several reasons. The most common reason is theirblogs /websites are not optimized for search engines. Other reason is they readtoo much on SEO from different sources, but they never tried to implement thosein to their blogs. They think reading can bring visitors to their blogs. No itwill never happen. You should read the techniques that can bring more visitorsto your blog.

At the same time you MUST do what those articles are saying.In this post Iam going to talk on few tips on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You may knowsome of these strategies already, because these are freely available in most SEOsites. But still you may not touch on these techniques. So do this today itself. Let’s get in tothe topic proper;

1.  First thing I want to stress on you is content and products. Youmay think I am going to say the same story. Yes, because content is the mostimportant to bring your blog up in the ladder. So don’t copy content from otherblogs. Make your own content and update your blog regularly.

2. Next step is key words. You should add your key words within thefirst 20 -30 words in your post. This is very, very important. But make surenot to add key words without any mean. You should articulate those key words tofew sentences.

3.  Then add your key words evenly throughout your post. But make surenot to repeat those inappropriately. Other thing is don’t go behind highlycompetitive key words.

4. Add focused key words. You should focus your customer expectationsin order to make your key word list. Then add those as I mentioned earlier.

5. Now it is the time to optimize your post with META Tags. Usedifferent META tags for each post. Don’t fill your META tag with key words.Make your META description to describe your content clearly. Put key words onlyrelated to that particular post. I will show you how to add different META tagsfor each post in my future posts.

6.   Next thing, once your visitor entered your blog he should feelthat this is an important blog. And the blog should be attractive but thenavigation should be easy. Your links should direct the person to the rightcontent. So make your design more palatable to your readers.

7.  Don’t make pages with dead ends. Every page should have links to anew article. Then visitor will retain on your blog for hours. Then he will rememberyour blog.

8. Make sure to submit all the pages of your blog to search engines.Whenever you see a free submission tool do it. But make sure not to spam toomuch. If they detect you as a spammer, they will block you forever.

9.  I am reluctant to use most automated services, because they spamthe search engines. So I prefer do it manually.

10. Always keep an eye on your competitor. And make your strategiesaccording to your observations.

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