Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives

Google-adsense-alternativesGoogle adsense is world largest PPC program and lots of blogger change their life style by using Google adsense. But some times it will hard to get a adsense account and why a blogger need to use any alternative of Google adsense. Here, I show 10 best alternatives of Google adsense which should be you second choice if you are not approve for Google adsense. I suggest bloggers to wait for some times and try for a adsense account from different sites and different PC.

1. Clicksor : Contextual online Advertising company Clicksor is the best alternative of Google adsense. Payment solution will after every 15 days. Clicksor allow PayPal and Check payout. Need at least $20 for payout by PayPal and $50 for Payout by Check. Clicksor offer multiple ad format and excellent client support. Clicksor also have some referral programmer and about 10% commission. A signal account of Clicksor can allow place advertise in different sites.

2. BidVertiser : PPC experts says BidVertiser is the best Pay Per Click program for Asian bloggers. BidVirtiser per click cost so good and that's why professional bloggers can earn a lots via BidVertiser. It's allow PayPal and check payout. Need minimum $10 for PayPal payout and need at least $50 for check payout. BidVertiser is a risk less PPC program cause they monetize only click and don't care about IP.

3. AdBrite : Most of bloggers choose adBrite as their best PPC program and it's really easy to handle. AdBrite's term and conditions is more relaxed than Google adsense. AdBrite don't allow PayPal for payout but it's minimum payout is very low which only $5. 

4. Chitika : Chitika is also one of the most popular PPC program. Chitika online advertising network offer search targeted ad, mobile ad and local ad. Most of the article submission websites choose chitika as their best PPC program cause it's risky for a article directory to continue with Google adsense. Chitika term and condition also relaxed than adsense. Chitika also a Good referral program. It's allow paypal and minimum payout very low which only $20.

5. Yahoo Publisher network : Yahoo publisher network terms and condition just like Google adsense. Very Strict about it's condition but payout a amount for per click. I personally view a problem on yahoo publisher network that it not shows related advertise in a Web page and that's why click possibility rare like any affiliate program. Though yahoo have some lacking in advertising area but bloggers can use yahoo publisher as their best Google adsense alternative cause a branding company always better than any other new company. It's allow paypal and check for payout.

6. Microsoft Advertising pubCenter : Microsoft Advertising provide text ad with verity of design which usable within blog and sites text. It's not allow paypal for payout and payout by check and need minimum $50 for payout.

7. Infolinks : Infolinks is a leading text advertise provider. It will shows advertise into articles text. Website owner can use infolinks beside Google adsense. Infolinks per click offer a little bid amount and that's why a blogger need high amount of traffic for earn more via infolinks. Advertising showing system is totally different at infolinks and bad for get more click. Payment method is paypal and minimum payout is $100.

8. ExitJunction : ExitJunction just another good alternatives and it will pay only for click of US, UK, china, Chanada, India's traffic. Minimum payouts of of ExitJunction is $25 and offer a blogger fee free check and paypal.

9. Clickbooth : Clickbooth is a new well technological PPC company. It's advertise shows as text and graphics ways. Allow paypal and minimum payout $20 and minimum payout for check is $40.

10. eClickz : eClickz is not more popular and rank of their own site is not good and that's why I personally suggest it to avoid eClickz. Payment option is PayPal and minimum Payout only at $10.


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