Password Cracking Protection

The problems with passwords

 Most password problems stem from the fact that people just do not give them any thought at all. They are so often just an easily guessed name with perhaps one number attached to it; and the number is probably only there as a site you are using demanded it. Many secure sites these days give you a secure meter to show you as you make your password just how secure it really is. Let's face facts; There is very little these days more important than protecting your personal, banking and work information on a computer from outsiders...(even the insiders.)

This Hub is designed to show you how to make secure passwords

#1 - You should need a passord to protect your passwords.Since there is of yet no real substitute for passwords for computer security; let me first explain what passwords really are.

While examining your passwords, you should be able to rather sort them into 4 types of groups. There are very good reasons why you should use a seperate password for each of these 4 groups I've listed below.
Plus - This means you should only EVER need 4 passwords. Low, Medium, High security and then you MASTER Password to protect the other 3.
  • Low security - Low security systems that may include websites which make you register with a user ID as well. To keep it simple, pick one password for all these low security systems. It is safe to be all just letters or numbers; or a simple mix of both. (Eg: tonysmith7) Still it is important that only you know this password. If you're having a problem coming up with passwords you can remember - try this.
  • Use a store, pet, child, company, etc.... names mixed with numbers. Example: you have a son named Samuel who is 5 Years old. Mix numbers into the name in a logical way so it is easy to recall. Include a symbol (if allowed) which requires the cntl key to be used.
My Son Is 5 his Name is Samuel.

Password would then = MSI5=hNiS
Look at that example closely - if you do not understand this, ask me. You will catch on quick!
Easy for you to remember, pretty unlikely for anyone to "guess".

  • Medium security - These medium-security systems may include your e-mail address accounts and/or both shat programs like MSN's Instant Messenger. Again, to keep things simple, I suggest u choose only one password for all these medium security site log-ins. These passwords should, again, be a combo of letters (include at least one random capital letter) and include numbers; always a mix of both. Don't forget it is paramount that only YOU know your system for recalling your systems passwords.
  • HIGH SECURITY - These high-security systems obviously NEED to include any online banking and credit card banking you use as well as any other financial transaction websites [eg. eBay, Paypal, etc...]. If this password is ever discovered, you could well suffer some very serious finacial pain. And that isn't even the worst of it. Having your identity stolen is No Joke either! Here I suggest a VERY STRONG password which WILL include special characters (@, ?, &) as well as of course more numbers and use of upper and lowercase letters.

    If you are comfortable with passwords, you may want to have multiple HIGH SECURITY passwords. Using multiple passwords with a common base is really not difficult at all.

    Use your head to include your financial links :

    my daughter is six and her Name is Paypal
    Password : md=6hNiPp
    My Daughter Is Seven Her Name Is eBay
    Password : MD=7HNIeB

    My Son is Twelve His Name is Bengie
    Password : MSi12HNiB

    The more passwords you are able to remember, the safer your details are. But you simply can not forget your MA$TER password. Even if you just HAVE to write down the sentence itself; with the *proper cases* - no one would probably be able to guess your system of making the password but if you do that - LOCK IT UP... Don't6 leave it on or in your desk. And please, keep your computer protected so no bruteforce trojan gets in and your world of pain begins.
  • The C0MPleX Ma$tEr Password - Now, added to the three above groups, your MA$TER Blaster password. This is the IMPORTANT one. This is the one you will use to access all your other passwords. Which you have now stored securely (right?) and any other personal information that you really don't want others to see. It is now up to you to create this password.

    You can use same or similar rules for this password as you did for your HIGH security password or get even more creative - it is totally up to you and important to the way you think/remember things.

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