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Beginners, Did You Ever Think About Building Blog Relationship? If I ask this question from some beginner bloggers, Most of them will answer “NO”. They are still new to blogging world. They think that blogging is an easy task, they think they can make money even they spam, and they think writing articles are the only required thing and so many misconceptions. I can say clearly they are not going to make money, but to waste their time which is valuable than anything other. If you also belong to that kind of people, Please consider about what is blogging, what are the wanted things and related things. Before keep your foot to the war-zone, Fill up your ammo, and grab other weapons you need in the war-zone. Remember that!

Requirements to Build Blog Relationships

Why do you blog? You may say, It is my hobby, passion or to make money or something else. If it’s your passion or interest only then it’s not make any serious problem. But if it is both, Then It makes a very huge problem to you. If you’re a beginner blogger and you don’t completed with much knowledge on what you are doing, then it is the point where you would get into a trouble.

Everyone can start blogging, but does everyone make money on it? No, not everyone. People who got serious about blogging, people who work with the aim of making money will succeed. So you need to work with that aim. When the aim is in mind you can do any difficult task while enjoying it. In this blogging world, you need to make several tough things as well as several nice things. One big disadvantage for beginner bloggers is they don’t concentrate what they doing. They don’t look at their blog and their activities in the corners of an outsider or simply as ablog reader. Erase that error from your mind. If you didn’t concentrate about building blog relationship, then now you ought to.

What are Blog Relationships?

You are in the world. It doesn’t matter you publish your service online as a blog or offlineas a newspaper. You are living in this world. So you need to take the responsibility of what you are doing, what you’ve done. Then you can think about Relationship. You are a blogger. You write articles for other people, not to you. So you must think about those readers. Blog relationship means relationship between you and your blog with people that read the blog. You need to make that relationship to a trusty status. Without being understand this situation, you will have a hard time.

The Benefits of Blog Relationship

When talking about the benefits of blog relationship, there are many benefits you can grab. You write blog posts and try to promote them and get some good taste traffic. If you build trusty blog relationship with other bloggers in your niche, they’ll help you automatically. If you build trusty blog relationship with the readers,they also help it. All this talks rely on your activities. If you do a greathard work to write a blog post, certainly it will be a ground-breaking article. Readers like to read articles that make them enjoying and giving large amount of knowledge. If you make cracking surprises for those readers, surely they will participate in promoting your posts since they are in a good satisfaction about you. If another blogger face the same satisfaction, they will do various things to connect with you,

1. You can get low bounce rate due to trusted and repeated visitors.

2. You can get a trusted badge among those relations.

3. You’ll be considered as a high authority, when your works are great.

How to Build This Blog Relationship

1. Using Posts to Build the Relationship.

If you wrote your posts quickly and publish them, then don’t do it. You need to care every post I mean each and every one of your posts to write professionally. You need proofread every post, before it goes live. Spend at least 2hours per post and make it professional, make it much long. Fill it with totally full complete knowledge. Add your experience, your thoughts to it. Make your article interesting and enjoyable. If you make your posts long, make sure you categorize the post by using sub headings.

2. Using Comments to Build the Relationship

Next best way to build really smart relationship is commenting. When it comes to commenting, many new bloggers don’t have a clue. They don’t have a clear idea about commenting. They always try to spam. If you want to build a blog relationship by commenting you need to care about your comment as you care about your blog post. When writing your comment, use your name rather than your keywords. It adds additional value to your comment. Usually a spam beginner blogger writes only one line comments like;

Good Post! I like it or

Awesome dude. Keep it up or

Really helpful post.

Or some other damn advertisement. If you are in that commentator group, Please don’t write like that. If you are aiming to build trusted blog relationship you need to write a comment that makes a sense to the blogger. Write what you feel about the blog post, your honest opinion about it. How it helped you to solve your problem(s) and So on. If you never write like that, then do this only once and feel the difference and how fast it is get approved by your community.

3. Using Social Networking Sites to Build Relationships

Oh… I know every blogger and beginner bloggers use this method too. The only change is real blogger use this strategically and beginner blogger non-strategically. In the social media sites, you need to be active and show you’re a real person. Automating the post sharing process won’t help you to build that trusted relationship. You need to be active there. As a blogger you used to make Facebook fan page to your blog. Of course, you need to share about your blogposts there. But with only blog posts will you get what I’m talking here? No, you can’t. While sharing about your blog posts, you need to share something that interest to your fans, but not those unrelated things. Ask your fans how they doing it? How they feel it? What are their goals? What they achieved previous month and so on. You need to engage with them. You need to show them you are a real. More specially keep in mind that you need to supply what they want.


Building blogrelationship is not an easy task. If you work with the aim of it, you can make it happen. Specially concentrate your blogging career. Learn more and research more on your niche. Then write good quality comments. You’ll Achieve the success in Blog Relationship.

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