Important SEO Mistakes To Avoid

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I made several blogging tricks in my previous articles. So I thought to discussfew common SEO (search engine optimization) mistakes done by webmasters. Correction of SEO mistakes will improve the visibility of your blog in searchengine result page. At the same time SEO will improve Google page rank and bringmore traffic to your blog/website. So you must avoid these SEO mistakes to makedescent traffic to your blog or website. Well,now let me explain those mistakes briefly :


1.    Hiding content inside images

Somewebmasters used to display their content inside the images. Search engines willnot be able to read the content inside images.


2.    Use excessive Java Script/AJAX

Search Engines can’t understand JavaScript/Ajax. Sochance to getting index is less with excessive number of Java script/AJAX. UseHTML/CSS instead of Java/AJAX.


3.    Use Flash only websites

Eventhough the Flash can make an exciting blog, search engines can’t read thecontent inside the flash. You can make up your blog by flash scripts but neveradd your content inside the flash scripts. Use HTML instead of flash.


4.   Usage of Search engine friendlyURLs rather than human friendly URLs

Don’tuse unrelated URLs. Use appropriate URL which can describe your content. Don’tworry about the length of the URL

5.    Use automated directorysubmission software

Never use automated software for directorysubmission. They will consider them as spams. Your blog will get banned fromthose directories. Use manual submission as an alternative. Submit towell-established directories by using unique Titles and Descriptions. Then theywill not consider as copies.

6.    Link exchange programs

This is a time wasting program. No value. You willget nothing. Other thing is your link will be removed after few days withoutinforming you. I did this for this blog and got nothing.


7.    Use the same meta titleand meta description in every page of the blog

Once you use same title and Meta descriptions forall the posts the search engines will consider all the posts as one post. Thenyour whole site will not index. So use different Meta tags for different posts. But never use inappropriateMeta descriptions. Place key words inside the content.


8.    Use unnecessary key words and usageof excessive key words

Useless competitive keywords rather than using high competitive key words. Thenyou can get instant traffic from search engines. UseGoogle Adword key word tool to find appropriate key words


9.    Usage of wrong key words

Yourkey words should match with your content. Key words should summarize thecontent of your article.


10. Copying someone else’scontent and paste it on your site

Never do this, because your site will be penalizedby search engines. If you blogging on blogger they will ban your blog as well


11. Poor quality content

Your content should be high in quality. Low qualityand duplicated content is penalizing by search engines and you will get nothingby just posting that type of content.


12. Poor site navigation

Your content should be prominent rather than yourads. Pop-up windows should be avoided.  Your navigation bar should give links to relevantcontent


13. Irrelevant links

The links on your site should related to yourcontent and those links should lead to the relevant page


14. Expectation of quickresults

SEO is not a quick way to increase traffic to yourblog. You need to be patience in order to get results. Sometimes it takes weeksto months to get the desired effect. So you should have sustained motivation towork on SEO.


15. High loading time of the page

Visitors don’t like to waste their time. So youmust consider a good hosting plan to improve the loading time of your blog orwebsite.

These are the most common mistakes done by most ofthe webmasters. You must pay your attention on each and every point above mentionedwhile you are promoting your blog. 

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