How to Hack Window Admin Password

In this blog post I tell you about a computer trick how to hack window admin password. And how to change password in any computer. It can be possible by command prompt. If you interested to know about it then check below :
Hack Window Admin Password jpg

1. Go to Run (Click to start and then click on Run then a dialog box is open)

2. Type cmd on run an hit enter.

3. Then a new Dos command prompt Dialog box is open. Then type “Net User”.

4. Then after that type “Net User Administrator”.

5. Then The User details are open.

6. After that type “Net User Administrator*” (Don’t forget to type *).

7. Then after that type “Net User Administrator –your new password----.

"i write hello password there"

8. After that check your Log Off your computer and switch user and type in Administrator you New Password. Now You Find password is Change and You Hack Password.
And other Method is.

1. Simply type in your command prompt “Net User Administrator –and your new Password--”.now your password is change. After that switch user your computer and type your new password in it. And you get your password is changes.

1. Don’t Forget to Use *(Star) because * means password.
2. Don’t “” Types these commas as above shown. I type this only for highlight these words.
3. Don’t do this to hacking anybody Password. It is only for enjoying.

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