Article Submission and Blog Traffic

Once you made a blog or website, nextyou will think “How should I bring more people to my website”. Initially I alsohad the same problem. Since I was not a very rich guy to spend dollars onsearch engine submission tools, I did everything what I can do to bring moreand more people to my blog. Or in other word I made every effort for make agood traffic to my blog for free. Finally I found several effective methods tomake more traffic to my blog. In this post I am going to describe you one ofthose free methods.

In this post I will tell you whyyou should use “Top Article Directories” to develop more traffic to your blogor website.  Let’s starts,

If you have a new blog or brandnew website it will not appear in the search engines until it crawls on. Thatsimply means your blog will not be able to appear on search engines even thoughyou searched for your blog by typing your blog name. More simply your blog hasnot been indexed on search engines. Until it indexed you can drive traffic toyour blog by submitting articles to Top Ranked article directories andadvertising on other sites. In one hand article submission drives more trafficto your blog and on the other hand it will help your blog to crawl on searchengines. That means those search engines will look for your blog and if theyfound your blog is helpful to the community they will add it to their searchengines. Just type on Google search “what is the importance of blogging”. Youwill see my blog within first two to three pages. Let’s move on,

Since those article sites have ahigher page rank on Google they will appear within the first page of searchengines. So your article to those directories will appear on the first page ofthe search result. They will read that article and then follow your link to seeyour website or web blog. If the content of your blog is attractive they willbecome regular members of your blog.

Then the other important aspectis “How you should write a good article”. Because most of those articledirectories will only accept the original articles which are produced by you.So don’t send articles that have been submitted earlier by any other author. Makeyour blog head animated

Next thing you can selectwhatever topic that you would like to write an article. But it is better toselect a topic which is closely related to your blog topic and blog posts.Otherwise they will come to your site but they will not find what they arelooking for.

While writing the article becareful not to tell everything regarding the topic that you have selected. Ifyou write all the things that you know about that topic the readers of yourarticle will not come to your site because they read everything about thattopic from that article. I think you got it. Simply make some curiosity in themind of the reader regarding what you tell, and then they will surely come toyour site to see “what is the next thing that is going to be happening”. So itis important to put a back link to your website or Blog at the end of thearticle.

I can recommend that this is asuccessful method to improve your blog traffic, because I did the same thing andimproved my traffic by about 30-40%. But it will take bit more time to write anarticle and send it and approve it. But it works. Sure.

Above two are two Top articlesites that gave me good result. Visit them and try it up.

I will post more methods that Ihave used effectively to improve my blog traffic in my future posts. So keep intouch with this Blog. Best way to keep in touch is just subscribe for free.Look at my side bar and put your E-mail in the blank and click on subscribebutton. We will not spam your email box.


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